Toad People

Toad People recently wins the Terra Mater Factual Studios Impact Award at the Wildscreen film festival in Bristol. Directors Mike Mckinlay and Isabelle Groc tell the story of the western toad and the people striving to save it by trying to maintain it’s habitat in an ever changing environment.


Margaret Meed Fim Festival

Cedar Tree Of Life recently played at the Margaret Mead Film Festival in New York. The Margaret Meed festival showcases films that explore cultures and cultural history throughout the world. Shedding light on the complexities, conflicts, revelations and insights that we get exploring such stories, this festival was a great fit for Cedar Tree Of Life. Cedar Tree Of Life Played along with the feature documentary The Guardians, a great film showcasing the struggle of the Monarch butterfly and the people trying to save the land amongst it’s migratory route that the Monarch depends on for it’s survival.

Visit for more information on where to see Cedar Tree Of Life.

Looking At Edward Curtis

Trailer editing for Looking at Edward Curtis. Director Marie Clements. Director of photography Mike Mckinlay. Editor Jenny Breukelman. Trailer editor George Faulkner.

A Farm In The Community - Kingfisher Farm

This may look like a barren dugout useless hole in the ground, (see picture below) but come fall this will turn into a series of ponds or riparian landscapes to be more accurate. What these riparian landscapes do is filter the water from the farmland, create an escape route for the water so the land and soil won’t get oversaturated, and return numerous native species to the area. A win-win scenario for small and large farms and properties. If you aren’t concerned about wildlife, or clean water, consider that creating a riparian landscape will maintain and increase your property value in the long run.



Marmots mostely live in burrows, and hibernate through the winter.  Most marmots are also highly social using whistles to communicate with one another, most notably when alarmed.

Marmots are in fact large squirrels in the genus Marmota.  They mainly eat greens and various types of grasses, berries, flowers, lichens, mosses, and roots.

The latest endeavour in relocating marmots onto a remote mountain top in southeastern Vancouver Island was documented by Mike Mckinlay Productions and George Faulkner Productions in conjunction with the Calgary Zoo. The hike involved a very steep 35 minute ascent following a rocky and harrowing drive up a precarious logging road. Once reaching the area of relocation/reintroduction of the marmots, a helicopter landed and dropped of the marmots to the wildlife biologists to safely corral them into a den amongst the broken rock and grassy terrain of the mountain top.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 2.12.40 PM.png

Cedar Tree of Life

Cedar Tree of Life has been Nominated for Best Documentary at the Paris Art and Movie Awards! Invoved in the editing and parts of the cinematography, this film was a pleasure to work on with Director Odessa Shuquaya.



A Farm In The Community

Taking on the challenges of modern farming, biologists and farmers re-work the way the land, water, and soil interact with our water systems to improve and rejuvenate our surrounding ecosystems. Directed by Isabelle Groc and produced by Fraser Valley Conservancy.